Friday, September 26, 2008

The Prankster

When Nick Simmons did his famous Demo of Koi on Wet Canvas in which about 15,000 people viewed and took part in the Lottery for the painting , I was greatly inspired by the work and did about 9 myself .

At that time I was alone a lot ,since Louie 's accumulated stays at Both the Hospital and Waveny Rehab followed each other for almost 2 and a half years .

Fish tanks are common in both places , but Waveny had especially Beautiful , well taken care of Tanks with Gorgeous Fish .

I noticed that even Fish ,fool around and play tricks on each other , or so it seems to me .Anyone who knows me would know that Fish being playful would strike me as really funny . I have a Nutty sense of humor

I spent some time examining the games they play together and that is what I thought about while doing the Prankster . They probably all call him the "Brat "!


Nick said...

So is the prankster the one heading off on his own, or the one under the lily pad? I like this one too, June...I thought you were over the koi bug, but I see you've relapsed...and beautifully!!

June Conte- Pryor said...

He's the Kid hiding under the pad s on his parents like john used to do on us !
Nick Thuis is old . I haven't donebut I think one other since then .