Thursday, September 4, 2008

A few leaves have fallen but everything is still pretty green and it's still Hot enough for the AC to be blasting away like Summer .
We are awaiting more Hurricanes and hope they will never hit us.
The Painting above shows the Pond, when we used to have ice on it . It has been over 25 years since you could skate on it, as my kids did all Winter years ago . This painting may be the only memory we have of it now ,other then a few Photos of the fun on the Ice . Actually it IS only a Memory now . I wish I had done more .


Nick said...

I love that painting, one of your best I'd say, June. And what a surprise to find you in the blogosphere!! I finally get to add June Pryor to my links. I'll be around a lot!

June Conte- Pryor said...

HURRAY !!!!!!

Sandy said...

A great painting June!It must bring back some wonderful memories too.
I understand how you wish you had done, all has changed...including the sort of weather we can expect.

Rosalind said...

Dear Aunt June,
I love that painting! I can't believe it has been 25 yras since the ice has been frozen enough to skate on it. True sign of a warming trend! Thank you for the tributes to Marianna and Dad. Hope you and Uncle Louie are well!

June Conte- Pryor said...

Rosalind , That is only part of the painting , the other half is all ice . Yes it is True . It is always like Spring the ice forms athin sheet and then disappears an blows around the pond,. never getting thick enough to skate on .
It is spooky . Everythinghas changed here . We never saw deer , now they are in herds odd balls animals coyote have come down , Turkeys gobbling right nex
t to the open door 10 or 20 at a time
I like to see Maraiana and Ed, when I come to look here . Luv ,

June Conte- Pryor said...

Sandy , Thankyou .
I keep thinking no one is looking or that the comment numbers are the same.Please forgive me for not answering . I am not with it these days .