Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Porch On Seminary Road

 This is a Fascinating house on a tiny street in the Middle of  our Little town . There was supposedly a Girls Seminary on the street years ago but it is nowhere to be seen now. The house porch faces sideways , so I have to assume that it looked down the hill , which now has houses next to each other all the way down and that the Vista was Once  beautiful . The Little  Road  now goes to the Town Parking Lot !!.
   It has a Turret or Widows Lookout  which is very Spooky , because there is No water or coast-line near our town .We are inland .So what did they look down to?
  It has Always held so much mystery for me even though  I have gone by it thousands of times to get through and into town but I still always turn my head to look at it , always ..
   The Owner  knew just what they wanted and built a Beautiful and Expensive  home for the times .There appear to be 3 floors and many rooms..
  Oddly now, there is no yard , no where to look out and no place to keep horses or park a car . My imagination runs wild ,guessing  about what it used to look like , where all the rest of it is and what life was like in the town when there were just dirt roads, horse carriages  and few people . And especially who First  lived in this  house, way out in the country.. Now it is a very thriving town with lots of peoples and  homes.
  This is just the Porch , but I have painted the whole house as well , always trying to project my sense of Mystery into it . 
   To see Details of the House click on it .It seems very loved even now .


Ramana KV said...

Wow.. This is a beautiful painting.. And yes, there's lot of mystery to it..

June Conte- Pryor said...

Thank you for your Lovely comments . It is always nice when someone else sees .what you see in a painting.

Nick said...

I remember this one very well, June! The flowers and foliage are just wonderful, what a magical atmosphere you created. I never want to see the place because it would undoubtedly spoil your vision of it!

June Conte- Pryor said...

Nick , You say the Wildest things !!!!
But I have to say that this is really one, in which I was finally able to express what I truly feel about a place .It took me 50 years to do it ,but .... you know how Pig-headed I am .
I don't always have a lot of feeling about what I do , sometimes the place or design takes over ,without the emotion behind it , but some things really grab me and I can't seem to let them go . You know what I am talking about .
I do love magical atmosphere, I like when it sings .
I am taken with your comment about seeing the real thing !!! I have to say that I would love to see what you felt about the place, very much .It would have to be in Summer ,on a Very Hot day when everything is blooming on the Porch and you can hear the cicadas.

Angela said...

This is very beautiful.
If it were me I'd have to be at the library looking in old newspapers to answer those same questions you have!

I just love houses that you KNOW have great stories behind them!

Laura said...

Gorgeous painting of what must be a gorgeous place! And beautiful words to help describe it even more!

Laura said...

Gorgeous painting of what must be a gorgeous place! And beautiful words to help describe it even more!

JJ said...

I remember this painting June from wc. I love it, and it does have an air of mystery to it. Sometimes I hate progress, and I wonder what the owners think of the house now as they look down upon it..

Annaquarel.les said...

This is gorgeous! You have conveyed the mistery and the magic atmosphere beautifully. Congratulations!