Thursday, January 15, 2009

Norwalk Marina

I was fascinated by the empty colored buildings looking out to the sky,passing by one day on my way to the ASW art store .You might have missed them if you didn't Stop to have a good look. I was looking only at that boat.I learned to stop and really look after that, any time something caught my eye.I only wish I had had Digital in those days. I wish !
It had such a surrealistic look to it with the Fabulous Bright Red boat in front of the row of dilapidated houses .The Greenwich Art Society gave me the Edgar Whitney Award for this painting, so I have never offered it for sale . Very soon after I did this painting ,it was all was gone and now the Norwalk Aquarium stands in its place . Brand new, modern and orderly looking, lots of parking spaces ,but somehow the character of the whole area has gone with it .
Well ,They say Nothing stays the same Forever .... . NotEven Me !
Correction - it is called the Norwalk MARINA and It is a Wonderful Place ,

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Nick said...

I remember this too...incredible how that could be nowhere else but right there, you captured the precise feeling of that area.