Sunday, November 16, 2008

The 20th Annual John A Noble Art Auction

I recently donated a painting for the Art Auction On Staten Island , New York . John A.Noble was a Famous artist in New York and the organisation dedicated to him .do good works for the Art Colony associated with his studio . .
I did not expect to see the painting shown in the Brochure . I had not seen this painting in a long time and barely remembered it. I have done this as a recurring Theme , as seen from a stream ,by my house .
Some wonderful Prints and Giclees by several Notable Artists were included .
If you click above the Box you can see further information on this Remarkable Artist


Sandy said...

How wonderful to see your painting published for this noteable occasion!It is a beautiful painting and it is obvious from both this and your other creek paintings, that this place is a very much loved subject.

June Conte- Pryor said...

Thank you Sandy , The Noble Auction was nice .
I have lived over this small pond for 43 years ,it is a part of our Daily life. At the dinner table ,at the sink ,many windows ,we see the passing of a lot of life going on . We sit above it in the woods so the creatures who live here have no fear ,babies have been born here deer and geese and ducks and heron and herds of deer graze in the back yard .There is a small swamp adjoining the pond next to us, so Spring comes when the peepers cry out all night and day and they jump all over the road when it rains .Summer ,when the bullfrogs sing on all sides during the whole night
We have seen many astonishing things through the years here ,so the place is ingrained in our minds and hearts.
Thanks for coming to look .