Monday, December 8, 2008

Working Boats Seattle

This is from a time when I was into all and just Boats .

After a Fabulous trip to Seattle, one of two , which I loved , because everything is near the water. We took a trip down the waterways and it was Heaven to see Real Macho type Ships rather than the puny cute- named Yachts on 5 Mile River . Okay , I like it them too!


Sandy Maudlin said...

Love your work! The frog pond is my favorite.

Sandy said...

A great painting June!the water is superb!

June Conte- Pryor said...

Sandy , I look at your Site every day and especially love your Italian Series , Your other work too is exciting , Thank you for your lovely comments .
Hi Sandy , I thought you had seen the Boats before . Thanks so much for coming for a peek .

Nick said...

I remember this one, a very strong piece. I'm doing a workshop on the water in Seattle, I wish you'd be there too.

June Conte- Pryor said...

Nick ,
That would be so wonderful to be in one of your class.
We were looking at your aRticle with all you paintings In Artist Magazine . I have saved the Issue .
Wow, were they all impressed that I know aFamous ARtist .

Nick said...

no such thing as fame in watercolor, but we're working on it!

cardesin said...

A wonderful watercolor.

June Conte- Pryor said...

Cardesin , Thank you so Much !!! So glad you like it , Hugs ,