Friday, October 24, 2008

Portrait Of A Golden Angel

I did this painting on Sort of a dare ,in a Demo another srtist gave. I am not generally interested in Animal painting ,but I wanted to give it a whirl. The emphasis was on Light and leaving as much white paper as possible ,without having a formlessness I have seen in many wet in wet paintings.

I think this my first cat painting , if I can remember that far back.


Nick said...

I generally can't stand pet portraits, but occasionally see one that transcends the genre. This is one of those, and it really is a glowing, magical piece, worthy of the subject (I do consider the cat family Nature's masterpiece)

June Conte- Pryor said...

Thanks Nick ,as usual we agree on so many things . Uncanny .
I think cats are the most Graceful,Warm ,Intelligent pleasing creatures to be near. than any in the animal world .
We lived with a Most Beautiful Siamese named Camelia for many years . Not cross -eyed Not mean-spirited as many of them are,but Exquisite and Sweet tempered . Huge slanted Blue eyes and delicate legs and frame , Sleek .Silken coat , unlike any other cat . You are always so kind .


Hi June,
I have seen many of your works on Wetcanvas. I remember having a delightful conversation with you there about that wonderful cordial called 'Limoncello' and your adventures in Italy.
I came by way of Nick Simmons Blog this morning when recognising your name.
'Speak of the devil and the devil appears!' Thoughts of Chris here BTW hi NNG (insert grin & wave)...anyway...back to the painting.

Love your cat portrait and you say 'your first' WOW! Echoing Nick's words here 'glowing & magical.' He is adorable and reminds me very much of our family cat Fluffy who lived 22 years.
Great to see you and have linked...I will try and pop in when I can.
PS...I also feel as you do about cats, and could never be without one or two.

Anonymous said...

Hi Patricia ,
Thanks for coming to look and your lovely words . MusiC! Which I love a swell . .Yes wwe both love cats and dogs and had them until it became impossible to have them any more . I would love to have a cat again and am broken -hearted not to be able to handle an anmal anymore.
Nick and I go back a long time.
Do I know which Chris you mean ?
Don't you love the way Maukie purrs? Close as I can come to a Real Kitty I guss .

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Hi June, love your virtual cat Maukie and gave him a tummy rub!

As for Chris – i.e. Isaak. He is a singer, guitarist & songwriter born in California, he has an album called ‘Speak of the Devil’
and is presently in Aus promoting his new album…never mind me I am just excited.
Will look forward to following your blog.
Cheers from Australia.

Anonymous said...

Patricia , Not being from your generation I am not up on all your Popular music
Did you notice Maukie sticks her Little White Paw out and actually Purrs if you srroke her under her collar ?


Hi June,
Maukie, I have discovered is a clever little 'virtual cat!'
That's OK about Chris Isaak...I thought I'd share in my excitement with you.
Take care and see you soon.