Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Queen Anne's lace _Wild Carrot

 I have long been an admirer of this weed , even as a child . Since the adults said it was Awful and made them sneeze  I abandoned it until I began to paint and saw the delicate beauty of it in a different light .
   Yes .I even liked Goldenrod ,but found that it did make me sneeze .
  Once while teaching at a school next to the beach in West Haven .Ct. I sneezed 25 times ,while up at the board.
  The children roared with laughter but I could not speak thereafter I was so hoarse, until I got home. A bad day !
    I still love wild flowers .allergy or not.


Ross Lynem said...

Beautiful work. Happy New Year!

June Conte- Pryor said...

Thank you Ross!!!Delighted to hear from you.