Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fall Bouquet and Statuary


cabap said...

Great job my friend,
jan :)

Carol said...

Beautiful shadows!

Dorice Watercolours said...

Hey Lady June, so beautiful!

Sandy said...

June, this is beautiful! Such a great balance of warm /cool, lights and darks with the leaning to warmth.

Sandy said...

This is really beautiful work June.
I haven't 'visited' for ages It is so good to see your painting is so inspiring.
I haven't been doing very much myself and to see this one of yours reminds me of how much I am missing it all.
Best wishes my friend.

June Conte- Pryor said...

Sandy , My Gosh , Good to hear from you . I have thought of you so often and figured you chose to have a rest from painting et al . Not doing much myself these days either.
Hope you are well and having fun and through most of the awfully tough adjustment. Thanks for coming to see me .
Luv , June