Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I love these Daisies , They are so Colorful and Defined !!
Not to say they are easy to capture,but these were fun to do, despite searching for just the right colors .


Krista Hasson said...


Jutta said...

A perfect bouquet!!!!
I love your way with colour, June

Ann said...

WHOA-HO!!! I love these, Mom! So bright, colorful & cheery! The round shape of the bouquet, and that clear-sky blue. Refreshing.

Anonymous said...

Krista , Thanks so much

Jutta , You say the Nicest things !

Anonymous said...

Ann , Must have done this when you weren't around .

Sandy said...

Really beautiful June! They are such a delight to see with all the beautiful colour....especially as it is a dreary winter day in this part of the globe.

Nick said...

Beautiful June!! I need a weekend with you up there soon, I miss you guys!

June Conte- Pryor said...

Nick ,Why don't you? Since you are alone now and things are quiet here too. You could cut out to the City during the day.
It will be boiling there no doubt, so keep that in mind. Also No AC in our up-stairs bedrooms just fans..But it would keep you busy and you could get more Jazzy New York scenery ! No leaves though everything too Green, but a Fox living under the sun-porch ,a Humming bird at dinner( He is Eating !) and Mom and Fawn appeared last week, in the front of the pond.That is the limit of excitement here for us here on the Frog Pond. It IS almost time for the Bullfrogs to sing at Night here Whoopee !! !LOL

cabap said...

great job June, I saw all your paintings,
Beautiful..Really Beautiful!!!!!!!!
jan :)

Angela said...

How did I miss this when you posted it?! It's gorgeous!

And your home sounds wonderful - when can I come visit! LOL! :)

June Conte- Pryor said...

Jan ,I appreciate your looking . Thank you very much .
Angie , You are a Very Busy Girl, with work, children ,home to take care of ,That's how !! Don't know How you do it , you must be exhausted al the time.
Come anytime , if you don't mind being with 2 old Fogies who don't even go out any more .
Now that is not our house in that painting , but we do live in the woods over a pond, yesterday, a Fox stood right at the pond while we ate dinner .